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An ABC #factcheck found Mr Bandt's claim regarding federal subsidies for the oil & gas industry is overblown.
For the full analysis: https://ab.co/3PwMQII

Want to learn about how seismic surveys work and their impact on the marine environment? Check out our fact sheet. #APPEAConf #seismic https://bit.ly/3wmxaQH

#Gas and #renewable power form a natural partnership on the pathway to net zero, says Resource Investment Strategy Consultants (RISC). Read our latest media release from the 2022 APPEA Conference and Exhibition: http://bit.ly/3wmRe5L #APPEAConf #netzero #nze

Clean energy technologies, particularly CCS & CCUS, can provide an effective means of reducing carbon emissions from large energy projects without having to make significant changes to energy supply infrastructure. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3KmOkBM


"We must meet the decarbonisation challenge without compromising security or affordability [...] the technology that is critical for us to achieve this at scale is carbon, capture, utilisation, and storage - #CCUS."

Western Australia recorded a surplus in last week's state budget, with the #oilandgas industry contributing an estimated $1 billion in grants and royalties to the State government in the current financial year. #wa

The 2022 SEC World Hydrogen Summit (@HydrogenFSUmmit) is currently taking place in the #Netherlands. Find out more about how #naturalgas can help to develop the global #hydrogen #industry: http://bit.ly/3N4FEl5

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