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#DYK: The total potential increase in economic activity from the Northern Territory's #Beetaloo Development Project is as high as $36.8 billion. Find this and more statistics via the link: https://bit.ly/3bMoWtG

Energy Information Australia has released a new #factsheet in response to misleading claims from Lock the Gate regarding water usage in the development of the onshore #oilandgasindustry in the #BeetalooBasin, #NT. Read it here: https://bit.ly/3zYQc1B

Fact check: the Greens claimed emissions from the Beetaloo Basin will be 13% of Australia’s GHG emissions.

The independent NT Pepper Inquiry found emissions would be between 4.5 - 6.6% for a larger development & this did not factor in emissions reduction tools like CCS.

WA Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken has expressed a role for #gas and #CCS as part of Australia's energy transition (paywall): https://bit.ly/3bc2ZE8

Recent criticisms that #gasdevelopment in the #Beetaloo will increase #CO2 output by 13% rely on 'highly inflated upstream #production assumptions', according to @eEnergyNewsAu. Read the full article via the link (paywall): https://bit.ly/3Pz8a00

Want to know the facts and benefits of the #Beetaloo Development Project? View the Energy Information Australia fact sheet: https://bit.ly/3PlaGa3

Secure access to #naturalgas can help lift people out of poverty and advance #UN #SDGs. The global #oilandgasindustry already supplies around half the world’s energy, and demand for gas is growing, especially in developing nations. #worldpopulationday

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