BP Energy Outlook 2019

BP Energy Outlook 2019 The BP Energy Outlook 2019 explores the forces shaping the global energy transition out to 2040 and the key uncertainties surrounding that transition. View Report

World Energy Outlook 2018

The World Energy Outlook (WEO) is the gold standard of long-term energy analysis. The 2018 edition provides updated analysis to show what the latest data, technology trends and policy announcements might mean for the energy sector to 2040.

Seismic and the Marine Environment

With the experience of over three decades of seismic surveying, no evidence has been found to suggest that seismic operations have resulted in physical injury or damage to hearing in any marine mammal — a group of animals that includes whales, seals and dugongs.

Seismicity and induced earthquakes

This report aims to describe the characteristics of triggered earthquakes, and to develop a path towards quantification of the earthquake hazards and induced seismicity effects associated with coal seam gas (CSG) production

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment: Browse and Scarborough

The study compares the environmental impact of the electricity generated in four target markets, from LNG originating from Browse and Scarborough, with the environmental impact of specific electricity grid mixes in the same markets. The analysis demonstrates how Browse and Scarborough-sourced gas would compare, either on a grid-average basis, directly against coal-fired generation, or against a portfolio of fossil fuel power sources.

Burrup Hub Economic Impact Assessment

This summary report provides a high level overview of the estimated direct and indirect economic impacts on the Australian and Western Australian economies over the life of the projects that make up the Burrup Hub.

Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in Western Australia

This Report follows a comprehensive review of scientific literature and evidence, multiple public meetings in the Kimberley, the Midwest and Perth, the consideration of more than 9,500 public submissions, and targeted stakeholder consultations with agencies, industry and nongovernmental organisations. The Report also reflects and incorporates independent peer review by experts from across Australia.

Methane seeps in the Condamine River

Scientific knowledge on methane seeps in the Condamine River including natural and human causes, and the human and environmental health and safety impacts of methane escaping from underground.

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